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I doubt it can read as quickly with as little distortion as Eloquence.  That’s one reason I use Eloquence.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if  Eloquence pronounces more words correctly without correcting them.  Talkback sounds pleasant, from the very little bit I’ve heard, but most symthesizers start to diminish in quality when listening at fast speeds.

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If TalkBack is used on the Android tablet purchased, as it
was on mine, it is better than anything available on

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Hi Gene:

If you're seeking to be able to use MP3 DirectCut and
related apps, an Android tablet won't be your friend!  The
likes of such apps HAVE NOT YET BEEN PORTED OVER to
Androidville and such a porting may never happen. 

Eloquence is gone in Androidville; it was pulled by
CodeFactory 'cause, according to it, it wasn't making enough
pennies.  Furthermore, CodeFactory WOULD NOT UPDATE its
32BIT CODE to a 64Bit one which Google requires for all apps
in the Play Store.  Only those who had previously purchased
Eloquence enjoy grandfather status.  Vocalizer is a TTS
engine from the same company and it is still being actively
developed; sure costs a lot less than Eloquence! 

The Android OS is a different animal with its peculiar
learning curve.  As of the present moment, NO WINDOWS SCREEN
READER can be installed in an Android box.  A thing or two
might change in the future, or someone out there may come up
with a hack that would get several adrenalins pumping high!

Denver, Colorado

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