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Veronica and all
While the person may find it useful to have the information and address provided, the question is framed by a statement that the person is having problems downloading anything in Edge and the question of how you download in Internet Explorer. 
If these are the actual problems, they need to be addressed.  Internet Explorer isn’t going to be supported indefinitely, I wouldn’t be surprised if support ends in the next year or two. 
As to problems downloading using Edge, have you been successful in the past?  What is different now?  Did these problems begin when the new Edge came out?  The way you download files is a little different in Edge compared with other browsers I’ve used but once you know how to work with the differences, downloads are not a problem. 


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I put download Jarte into google, the  first result:

Download the Jarte Word Processor



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Lately, I have been having a lot of issues trying to download something, whether it is an app, program, music--using windows 7 or windows 10with MS Edge, and I have tried IE on windows 10.  At the moment I would like to download Jarte on my windows 10 computer, as I do not have MS Word on that computer and I cannot read the e-mails that are on my portable hard drive because of that.  I can read them fine on the windows 7 computer, but at times that particular computer is not available.  Could someone please give me step by step instructions on how to acquire and download Jarte?  Thank you very much.





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