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Troy Burnham

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling jarte 2 or 3 times since I had to have windows reinstalled at the end of February since that's when I noticed this, and I even used a different upgraded version of jarte than the one I had before and the problem still exists.

Actually it's not really a problem and more of just an annoyance, I discovered by mistake being able to read with the jaws cursor and before that I considered it a problem.


On 5/4/2021 3:01 PM, Gene wrote:
I just downloaded JARTE and looked at the settings.  I didn’t see anything related to how the cursor is displayed.  Therefore, you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.  If you have NVDA and are satisfied to use it in JARTE, you might want to try it before doing diagnostic work. 
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This is speculation but since you can read text using the JAWS cursor, that suggests to me that JAWS isn’t seeing the cursor for some reason.  Others who use JARTE may be able to comment on that further.  For the moment, the best thing to do might be to wait for other comments.  Perhaps there is a setting you can change in the program that will solve the problem.
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Subject: [TechTalk] another jarte question
Hi all,

Jarte is in screen reader mode, but when I open a file with it I have to
use the jaws cursor to read because it won't speak when using the pc
cursor no matter what I do. Has anybody else experienced this? Btw I'm
using jaws 2020.



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