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Some sort of inaccessible code is used in the program.  NVDA says unknown when I try to see items such as menus using screen review.  When I use alt, the only menu available is the system menu.  I can’t move to any other menus, even if doing so might cause NVDA to say unknown when screen-reader mode is off.  When screen-reader mode is on, menus appear and are accessed in the usual way.  Evidently, when using keyboard access by a sighted person, that ;person would be unable to use menus from the keyboard as well. 
the documentation also says that some visual aspects of the program are not available in screen-reader mode and I believe it says something about some items being presented in a more logical manner for use with a screen-reader.
It would be interesting to see how the program may appear differently in terms of the interface seen by a sighted person when used not in screen-reader mode.

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Why wouldn’t they just have it be accessible without having a special access thing I wonder.




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I’ve been playing with JARTE and I found out something interesting.  The developer has really made the program accessible.  With screen-reader mode off, you can write and edit text, but no menus are available except the system menu.  With screen-reader mode on, it looks to me as though everything available in that mode is accessible. 



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This is speculation but since you can read text using the JAWS cursor, that suggests to me that JAWS isn’t seeing the cursor for some reason.  Others who use JARTE may be able to comment on that further.  For the moment, the best thing to do might be to wait for other comments.  Perhaps there is a setting you can change in the program that will solve the problem.



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Hi all,

Jarte is in screen reader mode, but when I open a file with it I have to
use the jaws cursor to read because it won't speak when using the pc
cursor no matter what I do. Has anybody else experienced this? Btw I'm
using jaws 2020.



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