oh no! Auditions for AMerica's Got Talent Requires Video Upload, HELP!


Hey guys, I didn't even notice the AGT alerts thingy in my spam folder. Ugh. I looked at the list of cities to go audition, no Denver, Colorado. But they will be in Phoenix, Arizona. But no! What if I'm not there? Ugh. So I've decided to upload a video, but what video should I upload? I sing and I can play piano as well, but I have to use my phone to do a video at least 90 seconds is preferred. What do you guys think I should do? Would they care if the visuals were not that great because I can't angle the damned camera? What to do! This could mean the difference between SSI payments forever and ever or me doing something with my life. I would love to be on AGT, but trust me, I can't do or deal with it. I love music, but maybe this is my chance.
Anyone have thoughts?

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