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John Holcomb II

Makes you really know how much you got to depend on others.

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It has gotten that way for me, John with my hearing, despite having hearing aids.

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Then you got people like me who hearing isn’t good enough to be able to walk down a street or anything else on my own.

Not safely, anyway.

Because I can’t localize sound or tell how far away cars and other things are with the hearing aids I use.

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People said the same thing that you're saying about horses, too. And yet, we are now driving cars.

Guide dogs already take away much of what the cane gives you, and dog users are quite content being dog users. With a dog, blind people go around obstacles, they don't interact with every obstacle in their path.

Does it count when a blind person disparages the cane and says that we need more innovation in the space to get rid of the bloody thing? Because I am one of those blind people.

Does it count that I want to be able to travel unencumbered with both hands free?

Does it count if I want to not worry about whether someone trips over my cane and breaks it? Or if the tip flies off the cane?

Does it matter if I don't want to worry about what happens to my upper body because that trusty cane doesn't protect it while I'm walking? Because believe me, running into scaffolding bloody hurts, and yes, I've done it.

Does it matter if I want to be able to actually walk in a straight line? Because, short of tapping against a wall or grass line, there isn't a way to do it with a cane.

Does it matter if I wish to traverse through a crowded downtown area, or any crowded environment without running into many things?

Does it matter if I want to be inconspicuous, and not be asked whether I, a poor blind man, require assistance to wipe my ass? Because that is essentially what happens to every single blind person I know. I am not approached about my work. I am not approached about my appearance. I am not approached about my shoes. I am not approached about anything except my blindness and someone wanting to help me because they think I am making a mistake trying to cross a street.

So, sorry, but we definitely need a cane replacement, in my view, and any blind person disagreeing is, frankly, a complete and utter fool. And, I would ask blind people to support the effort instead of shitting on it, because developers should be encouraged to innovate, not be discouraged by stupid posts like the one I've just read.

Does that mean that Strap will, indeed, replace the cane? I don't know, probably not. But it's a much better attempt than we've seen so far, with others trying to reinvent the cane by making it heavier and adding sensors to it.

So, I would say, support the effort. Stand by and watch, if you wish. But don't get in the way of what is possibly the most progress we've seen in a long time. We have cars that zoom on the roads autonomously. We have planes that can take off and land themselves. We have trains that can do the same, with minimal to no human interaction. We have probes going into deep space sending back pictures of Mars. And yet, the best the blind people can do, is fight to use their canes, and say they're proud of their canes.

I say again, if you don't or can't help, and you don't support the effort, with the nicest and most respectful intent possible, get the hell out of the way, sit down and shut up, and don't stop innovation and progress.

And with that, I will no longer engage in this thread, because I can see that more stupidity will be posted, and more people will come out proud to be carrying a stick.

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Isn’t it interesting how the cane is not respected and disparaged because blind people use it? I don’t see people trying to eliminate cars because unassisted movement is a right and is superior.

I’d like to see how expensive this device is. I’d like to see how long it runs on a charge. I’d like to see if it gives me information about my nearby environment such as where a doorway is to a building or where there is grass to my left and where that grass is interrupted by a driveway, which may be necessary for me to find with my cane to know where I turn to move toward a building and the counting of driveways and walkways may be necessary for me to know when I’m turning at the right place.

Device after device has been made and they have none of them been widely adopted. Maybe there is a reason.

Blindness is considered a tragedy and the ways blind people do things are often disparaged, guilt by association. Some ways blind people do things are neutral, some inferior, some superior. Will it be replaced at some point by something superior? Who knows. but its persistence and wide use should give those who chaff at the bit to eliminate it pause.

As G.K. Chesterton said:

“Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”


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Hello everyone,

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At STRAP Technologies we believe autonomy and independence are human rights; not luxuries. Our goal is to be the first replacement of the white cane, giving the visually impaired a long overdue hands free experience.

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Marco Curralejo



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