Envision AI versus Supersense?

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

If anyone is familiar with the 2 apps in the subject line I'd like to hear your comments. It looks to me like they may both do about the same thing and I'd like to see if there's any advantages of one versus the other before possibly deciding to use one or the other. I'm aware that at least Invision has a 14-day trial and I had that reset the other day because I installed the app on my phone a while back and either through me doing something or just by being installed the trial started and ran out before I was ready to evaluate it, but I can't tell if Supersense has a trial period or not. I may've ruined the trial period on it as well for the same reason, just opening it to see how it works and then figuring that the trial period wouldn't continue until I opened it again. I know, that was the wrong assumption.

From a podcast I listened to about supersense it sounds like it would be the easier of the 2 apps to use but I'm not sure.



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