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they may think the page is in conformance but it isn’t.  If you up arrow one time when you are on the Sock Hop collection text using NVDA and the Brave Browser, a Chrome-based browser, you get to a link that says unlabeled and it is announced as a link.  In other words, you hear unlabeled link.  Pressing enter brings up what you want to see.  Does JAWS not see this link?  If not, I don’t know why nor if there is any setting that will allow you to see it.  I’m doubtful but someone may know of or find a setting.
You’ll really wear out your socks.  I think I saw that the collection has 235 songs.

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So I’m thinking about buying from:

This is one of those websites that I can only make work with Internet Explorer, and maybe someone can tell me why’s this?

If I try to look at all of the different music  selections they have with Firefox or Edge using JAWS 2021, I can navigate to the headings  as heading level 2  gives all of the different things that can be ordered, but I can’t c see the track  listing.

With IE,  there’s some kinda graphics link that only IE sees.

When I had called them the guy said scroll down or something like that but  I don’t understand what he is saying.

In Edge and Firefox, I can get to the very first one, there’s a Lifetime of Romance music  CD.

If I hit learn more it’ll bring up that CD. But this is the  only one I can make work out of the entire page of music on Firefox or Edge.


On their website it says call us if you have problems navigating   our website. So that’s what I did. They say their website is compliant with W3G accessibility.

Here’s a perfect example of one that doesn’t work… for some reason.

With  IE, if I go to the heading labeled the  sock hop collection (which is a level 3 heading), just above the heading I see something that says

Link‑ Graphic‑ full/Sock-Hop-cover Graphic‑


This is a link that I can hit space or enter on and it will  bring up the page with  songs  samples and a bit about the disk.

If I then hit

Link view tracks by disk,

I can see all of the tracks and samples.

However that  view cover graphic is something I can only find in IE and not Firefox or edge.

I’ve got jaws  set to this in IE,


Virtual Cursor OptionsGraphics Options
Graphics Show Tagged
Graphics recognize by Alt Attribute
Links Options
Virtual Cursor OptionsLinks Options
Graphical Links Show All


Now I do not have this set on a per application bases.

IN Edge its set like this…

General OptionsGraphics Labeled

Include Graphic Alignment Description  checked‑ 

If I type the word link in the search field in JAWS verbosity I don’t see anything about links when looking at the edge browser which is strange.

In Firefox  it’s  set the same way as edge.

My first thought was that different web engines make different things work at  times, but then it went to my mind that maybe I have  JAWS set in such a  way that it’ll skip over graphics? That’s why I checked each browsers jaws  verbosity settings.

So any idea why this site works to view what I’m after only in IE?

I tried that browser dead last after trying edge (my default), and Firefox browsers next.

Windows 7, JAWS 2021.




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