episode 22 of blind android users is now ready for you to listen.


hi all.
you can listen to episode 22 by visiting.
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we were on live accessible channel for a chat about android
accessibility and other things. to watch it, visit.
in our episode 22,
we take a look at webviews, google chrome browser, tor browser,
Microsoft edge browser,
then in our in focus segment, Farhan Ahmed from Pakistan unboxes his
Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra,
then in the app of the week, Warren demos sunrise local weather and radar maps.
and in our my android journey segment, David Moore tells us how he got
started with android.
if you have any questions about the podcast or want to get in touch
with the team, and want to send a recorded version of how you got
started with android or want to come live and tell it to us, please
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