Re: Talking battery meter

Gerald Levy

This is not a rliable means of determining battry strength, and besides, it only workds with 9V batteries and not with AA, AAA C and D batteries.  Years ago ILA used to sell an audible battery tester that was made by Radio Shack, which of course went bye bye  years ago.  I am not aware of any affordable, audible battery testers that are still on the market. To test AA and AAA batteries, which are the sizes most commonly used, I use single battery, inexpensive  vibrators that I purchased on EBay.  I have one that takes a single AA battery and another one that takes a single AAA battery.  I just insert a battery and twist the cap, and if the battery is okay, the unit vibrates strongly, and if is weak, it vibrates feeblely.  And of corse, besides being excellent battery testers, they are useful for other purposes which I won't describe here, if you get my drift.


On 5/9/2021 7:42 AM, john s wrote:
Melissa, for 9 volts, just use your tongue.  It works well and it is very accessable.

At 07:40 PM 5/8/2021, Melissa, wrote:
Hello list. I need some accessible way to test the percentage of
double a, tripple a, c, d, and 9V batteries. Is there one accessible
product that will do all of this? Thanks in advance for your help.


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