cutting the cord

Josh Kennedy


I recently dropped my comcast cable down to local broadcast only, it was getting too expensive and its easier for me to pick a service like philo-tv or frndly-tv spelled f r n d l y, tv, if I want more channels for a bit and then cancel when done. Is there a list of apps supported by xfinity voice guideance? I currently have an apple tv box, with voiceover, but if I switched to amazon firestick in the future, would pluto-tv work with it? How about tubi, Netflix, Disney-plus, prime video, my apple-tv-itunes-purchased tv shows and movie content? Turning on and off audio description in Netflix, Disney-plus, prime video, and its apple tv app? Also is there a good place to stream shows such as, So you think you’d survive, heavy rescue, highway through hell, and some other weather channel shows and maybe free medical documentaries like shows similar to Untold stories of the E-R?







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