Re: Talking battery meter


Hi Carolyn,

I bought mine over 20 years ago, and I bought it from some place in
Canada.  Paid about $50 for it back then.

My wife uses a lot of Battery powered items, and she is always having me
test Batteries.  In spite of what some might think, using a Multi meter
works fine for what I need.

Carolyn, the Multi meter I own, has two probes which are plugged into
the unit, which is about the size

 of a Fat Old Fashioned Transistor Radio.  It has a Dial on the Front
because it is capable of measuring a number of other things besides just
voltage.  It does DC and AC current.  It will measure OHMS, plus a few
other things I can't recall.

I turn the dial to DC, which stands for Direct Current.  One probe tip
is touching one end of the Battery, while the other probe tip touches
the other end.  There is a small Button on one of the probes to push to
make it speak.  There is also a larger button on the unit itself, that
will also make it speak.

I have never measured a Hearing Aid Battery, but I have measured the
Flat Disc style Batteries that are found inside of most Computers.

Between my wife and I, our Batteries are either New and fully charged,
or they are Dead, or almost Dead, and this unit measures those Batteries
fine enough for us.

Grumpy Dave

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