Re: Using portable drive on windows XP


Hi Howard, I'm afraid it won't work with your victor Stream. It will
only recognize FAT32.

Stay well,


On 5/12/21, Howard Traxler <> wrote:
'morning all;
Yesterday, I decided it was necessary to format one of my thumb drives;
a Sandisk 16GB. I had the choice of fat32 or ntfs. I chose NTFS. Now
I'm wondering which of my devices this drive won't work any more on: the
victor reader or my XP machine. It's been too long since I learned
about the differences between disk formats. Ideas anyone?


On 5/12/2021 6:58 AM, Gene wrote:
That’s not correct. XP uses the NTFS file system when installing
unless that is changed and it can rread external hard drives formatted
in that system.
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Also remember that XP can only use a drive that is formatted in FAT32.

On May 11, 2021, at 9:44 PM, Gene <> wrote:

It isn’t clear to me, but if I understand what I read, NTFS drives
are limited to 2TB. But a different file system is used by larger
drives and later versions of Windows, at least starting with Windows
7, can work with that file system.
However, those with more technical knowledge will, I hope discuss the
qquestion. If I understand this correctly, this explains why the
format message appears; XP doesn’t recognize the file system. But to
be sure things are working properly, do you have something like a
thumb drive or a smaller external drive to try in the XP machine to
be sure it sees drives correctly?
I have a larger drive and XP machines but I can’t test with any
convenience. I keep my larger drive off site, in other words, away
from home to further protect what I back up.
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*From:* Mike B <>
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Hi Veronica,
If it's only 2TB then XP should open / read it, but if it was larger
than 2TB then it wouldn't. What I don't recall is what the message
is that you would get when trying to access a drive larger than 2TB.
Do you get the same formatting message if you plug the drive into a
different USB port? I don't have an XP machine to play with, so I'm
afraid I can't be of much help. I believe Gene still runs XP, so
maybe he has a 2TB drive he can plug into his system and see what if
any message he gets.
Stay safe and take care. Mike.
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*From:* Veronica Kirk <>
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Hi Mike,

It is a 2 TB portable drive, so that is probably the issue. Thanks
for that information.

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Hi Veronica,

What size is your portable drive? XP won't access / recognize or
open any drives that are larger than 2TB.

Stay safe and take care. Mike.

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*From:*Veronica Kirk <>

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It’s not that easy. No matter what I do it still asks to be formatted.

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Just say no and use the drive anyway?


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I decided to try using my portable drive on windows XP as I have MS
Word on that computer and I don’t have MS Word on Windows 10.
However, the XP machine keeps asking if I want to format disk E,
which I don’t want to as I have not had to format it on my other
computers. So is there any way that I can use the portable drive on
XP without formatting it? Thank you for any help.


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