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Joe Giovanelli

Hi, Roberta and Allen,

Thanks for your mail. The notes were very cryptic but they did get me to read the sheet a bit. Each of the approaches gave me more and different information from what I had.

I can read some of the data. It is a list of all the MIDI program changes and banks associated with my music keyboard.

Is there a way by which this data can be converted to a more readable file type, such as .doc or .txt? I do not believe I can access and use the information otherwise.

I look forward to any ideas.

Joe G.

On 5/13/2021 1:00 PM, Roberta Nevels wrote:
Alt F then I, then e

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Good Morning,

I was given a spread sheet which I cannot read. It shows "protected view."

How can I open such a file?

Thank you very much for your help.

Joe Giovanelli, w2pvy

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