Odd Scenario With A Friend's Cellular Service

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I am going to explain this scenario in  as much detail as I can.

A friend of mine signed up with a cellular service called 'Boom' a few months ago.  He was not very satisfied with it. His service was inadvertently discontinued when his wife's attempt to sign up for auto pay each month somehow got terminated. This happened on Friday May 14.  He attempted to contact this Zoom company's technical support, Today, but he got the message that they were closed until Monday.

Today, he went to the Spectrum store and tried to change cellular providers from Boom to Spectrum. The service tech tried to switch him over and after more than half an hour and consulting his superiors, he was unable to accomplish the switch.  According to my friend, he did not sign up for a long term plan with Boom.  His plan was month to month with Boom.

What could be causing this?  Can cellular providers lock your phone so only they can unlock it?

Any help for me and in particvular my friend would be greatly appreciated.

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