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hi all.
to listen, visit.
or if you want short segments.
you can also listen on all popular podcasting platforms and smart
speakers and internet enabled victor reader devices.
it is a long episode so grab something to eat and drink, but caution,
hold your glass/bottle tight as you may drop it with laughter.
in this episode we have intro and announcements.
we also talk about the upcoming google IO.
we talk about the upcoming discussion of essential apps which will
continue for many months.
then for all who have not seen the clubhouse demo on Youtube, we add
it to the audio version of the podcast.
if you have seen the demo already, and if you listen to the podcast
using an app that supports chapter markers, skip to the chapter called
comments on clubhouse demo.
if you dont listen using a chapter marker app, then skip to 00:58:06
then we have an app of the week in which warren shows you how to
switch to different WebView channels.
then we have the much-awaited CSR episode four in which Mariam shows
you navigating CSR Menus and what magic it can do.
then we have My android Journey with Carrie from live accessible.
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