Re: advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliant!


I played with the site.  Its very interesting.  For one thing, if this is representative, the f1 announcement is gone.  You are told that to use the site in screen-reader mode, activate the first button on the page.  However, the button doesn’t activate in an accessible way.  This may be a problem with the site design because I tried another button, the toggle navigation button, and it appeared not to activated reliably in an accessible way.  So before you can even get into screen-reader mode, the method doesn’t work properly, perhaps because the site itself has some or all inaccessible buttons.  Alt f1 does workk, however and odd things happen.  I got stuck on a button that says remove when the accessible mode came on.  it didn’t matter where I had been on the site before, I was moved to, and stuck on that button.  If I activate that button, I believe I used the space bar, I then could move around the site.  I’m not sure if accessible mode was on then.  I’d have to play around and see. 
Also, I seem to have different results in using the site when accessibility mode is on using different screen-readers.  I’d have to play more to discuss that further. 

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Here is a site that has this overlay.  It will prompt you to use Alt 1 for screen readers.
This is with the Google Chrome browser.

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