Re: advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliant!


Also, if this site is representative, you don’t have to block the overlay any longer.  Just not using the command f1 will leave it off.  Using f8 will cancel accessibility mode if you play with it and want it off.  On this site, you are prompted once about accessibility mode, then you aren’t again/.  So you can use the site just as you always would if you what it off, it is off by default and stays off unti;l you turnit on.
So, aside from confusion by having a prompt that makes the site more or less inaccessible when you follow it, I think the mai problem now is that sites will believe, and think they are accessible and won’t make changes when blind users suggest them or complain about s;pecific things that are inaccessible. 
I doubt this product will reliably aleviate the need for sites to comply with the law if they are sued because it can be demonstrated that the product doesn’t work and that the site isn’t properly accessible.  But it may be much harder to get sites to make themselves properly accessible without resorting to legal action and I don’t know if this project will make the outcome of such lawsuits less certain.

From: Gene
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 3:21 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliant!
I played with the site.  Its very interesting.  For one thing, if this is representative, the f1 announcement is gone.  You are told that to use the site in screen-reader mode, activate the first button on the page.  However, the button doesn’t activate in an accessible way.  This may be a problem with the site design because I tried another button, the toggle navigation button, and it appeared not to activated reliably in an accessible way.  So before you can even get into screen-reader mode, the method doesn’t work properly, perhaps because the site itself has some or all inaccessible buttons.  Alt f1 does workk, however and odd things happen.  I got stuck on a button that says remove when the accessible mode came on.  it didn’t matter where I had been on the site before, I was moved to, and stuck on that button.  If I activate that button, I believe I used the space bar, I then could move around the site.  I’m not sure if accessible mode was on then.  I’d have to play around and see. 
Also, I seem to have different results in using the site when accessibility mode is on using different screen-readers.  I’d have to play more to discuss that further. 
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From: Holly
Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 10:55 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliant!
Here is a site that has this overlay.  It will prompt you to use Alt 1 for screen readers.
This is with the Google Chrome browser.

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