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heather albright

Can someone please tell me which folder I should keep from thunderbird so I do not have to redo all my settings again. I am thinking about reinstalling the thunderbird program again. Thanks Heather


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From: Jaffar Sidek
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2021 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] thunderbird help needed


Hi Heather.  My thunderbird was updated too, but I'm not facing the issues you are facing.  Have you tried using it with NVDA?  The NVDA thunderbird combo works well at my end.  Pres Alt+Space and arrow down to Maximize to see if it is disabled.  If not, press enter on it to maximize thunderbird to see if it works.  If you are using it with Jaws, try reloading jaws, then starting the thunderbird app again.  There are many factors that may cause an app to not work as expected, so try these and let us know.  Cheers!

On 22/5/2021 3:55 am, heather albright wrote:

I can write a message in thunderbird using the keyboard keystrokes but, I am unable to access my messages after the update. IS there something I should do to make look like it did  before the update? Or can I downgrade to the last version before it updated? I am using my old app the windows mail app. I want my thunderbird back. Thank you Heather

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