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heather albright

You for this? I am wondering if I have something not checked that should bechecked. I have included what my settings are saying on thunderbird for the view area as the messages are still comeing in the app as normal.

Could my settings be my issue in not allowing me to read my messages?


thunder bird

In my view minue under view, I have mail tool bar not checked minue bar not checked, folder pain not checked quick tool bar checked unabailable status bar not checked 


under layout,

I have classic view checked, wide view vertical not checked, folder pain not  checked, folder pain columns not checked,

message pain f8 not checked,


under the folders I have

I do not have anything checked

Thank you all for your help. Heather



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From: Jaffar Sidek
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2021 4:40 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] thunderbird help needed


Hi Heather.  The most important folder for you to keep is the "Profile" folder where all your accounts details, your messages and your news group content are stored in database files.  But rather unfortunate is also the fact that when TB installations get into a mess, the profiles folder is the most open to corruptions.  I rather suspect that your thunderbird's mail client's inability to open or read messages is due to some database files in the profiles folder that has been corrupted.  You can keep your profiles folder and reinstall it to your new TB installation.  If it all works as expected, then your profile folder is fine.  If not, delete it, then reset your Tb again because there is no other choice.

On 22/5/2021 4:38 am, heather albright wrote:

Can someone please tell me which folder I should keep from thunderbird so I do not have to redo all my settings again. I am thinking about reinstalling the thunderbird program again. Thanks Heather


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From: Jaffar Sidek
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2021 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] thunderbird help needed


Hi Heather.  My thunderbird was updated too, but I'm not facing the issues you are facing.  Have you tried using it with NVDA?  The NVDA thunderbird combo works well at my end.  Pres Alt+Space and arrow down to Maximize to see if it is disabled.  If not, press enter on it to maximize thunderbird to see if it works.  If you are using it with Jaws, try reloading jaws, then starting the thunderbird app again.  There are many factors that may cause an app to not work as expected, so try these and let us know.  Cheers!

On 22/5/2021 3:55 am, heather albright wrote:

I can write a message in thunderbird using the keyboard keystrokes but, I am unable to access my messages after the update. IS there something I should do to make look like it did  before the update? Or can I downgrade to the last version before it updated? I am using my old app the windows mail app. I want my thunderbird back. Thank you Heather

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