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You should back up the existing copy of Thunderbird portable before it updates and in general, it’s a good idea to have it backed up so all your settings are maintained and you don’t have to do any setup if you decided to replace the existing copy. 
Do you have a backup of an older version that you can place where the current version is  now?  In other words, if you have a backup, delete the folder of the program you are using and copy the backup to the location you run the program from.
If you don’t have a backup, I’m not sure about how you would downgrade.  Others may be able to advise you.  I’m going to let my current version update and see if I have any problems.  Meantime do you see such things as menus in the program?  Do you see the folders treeview?  What don’t you see, the messages list?  It may be that with more information, we can solve the problem without downgrading or using an older version.

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I apologized I am using thunder bird portable, not the installed program, did not know if this made a difference? Thank You Heather 


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I can write a message in thunderbird using the keyboard keystrokes but, I am unable to access my messages after the update. IS there something I should do to make look like it did  before the update? Or can I downgrade to the last version before it updated? I am using my old app the windows mail app. I want my thunderbird back. Thank you Heather

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