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Morning all,

Heather, this message is not helpful. All it does is bring up a bunch of questions.

Now, I will preface this here message by stating that I don't use Thunderbird. However, the questions apply whenever the general catch term "inaccessible" is used. Here are the questions.

First, what is the program doing or not doing which makes it unusable for you?

Next, What is it that you want to do which you cannot do now?

Third, what error messages or status messages are you getting? What is the computer telling you?

Finally, have you looked in the current documentation? Have the commands changed? Have the ways to access the aspects of the program changed? Have you read the "What's New?" text file?

Before we can help with the so-called inaccessibility problem, these questions need to be answered. I say so-called because the line between inaccessibility and user ignorance is very thin. This is particularly true of a program which has been a model for accessibility for years and is used by thousands of people who are blind or visually impaired. There's absolutely nothing wrong with ignorance because it can be remedied with knowledge. It is only deliberately remaining ignorant that is the problem. Any Thunderbird users online? Can you all help Heather?

I suspect that the ways to input commands or to get at menus have changed. I think once the new command set is known, all will be well. Now, I could be wrong. Software companies have, in the past, made huge bloopers which have actually made their software inaccessible, and this is a possibility, but it's a remote one. If the commands have changed, maybe Accessible World or BITS or Mystic Access may want to think about a tutorial or presentation. That would solve the problem handily.

Ann P.

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Hello, my thunder bird updated and now it is inaccessible! Anyone have this issue? Heather
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