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Amazon started showing me all these extensive searches not related to the item sometime yesterday, and a couple times it even went to some weird Microsoft/bing search.  It's never been hard to search on Amazon, but something weird happened a few times lately and I am going to switch browsers should it happen again. 

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On reasonably sophisticated sites, searches should be sophisticated enough not to need qquotes in most cases.  I didn’t use quotes when I tried searching for what is specified on the site and the search worked as I thought it probably would, showing results for what I wrote without usingg quotes. 
What might the problem be?  I’m not sure but the first thing I would do would be to try another browser in case something, who knows what, went wrong with this one, addware, some sort of other malware that shows lots of results that aren’t wanted, possibly some thing else I don’t know about. 
But places like Amazon and Google are consumer products and design search to work well when used by people who know almost nothing about how to search.  This ability has been an area of concentration and improvement over a good while and is essential for such consumer products. 
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Hi all,

Put your search term in quotes.  That will force the search engine to
look for it as a single string.

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