my thunder bird issues continuing

heather albright

                Hello to everyone on the list who are trying  to help me with this issue with Thunderbird I truly appreciate all the help. I just wanted to let everyone know what was happening and we fixed some of the issues.  I had a friend remote in to my system and we had 2 things that were going on at the same time.  First, my NVDA screen reader would not activate insert space for the browse mode to work. It did not work in the Thunderbird app or online. Second, my executable file for Thunderbird had issues. So I had to install a brand knew NVDA program  and a brand new Thunderbird exe file that my friend had. This is a new one, I will try to explain. I have been trying to send a message to this group from the e-mail address I subscribed to this group with and I always check before send. But thunder bird send me message failures from my other account that it cant send the message because that address is not subscribed to the list. I was like yes, that is why I wrote the message in the e-mail account that was subscribe to the list with. So why is thunder bird trying to send messages written in one account making it like I sent it from another account? Is there a setting I missed? Thank you, Heather  

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