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I sent another message about this in response to another message in the thread.  Evidently, you mean you checked the spam folder in the online interface.  I don’t want to assume that because you speak of the spam folder and spam filter but don’t, as I recall, specify online.
Also, I have no idea how likely it may be that GMail has blocked an address or domain.  If it has, I also have no idea how likely it is that you can have it unblocked. 
Whatever the case, do you have another e-mail address with a different provider?
also, if this can be worked out, the person may be able to send the message to someone you know and that person can forward it to you.

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I have a pop3 account and yes, I have checked my spam folder multiple times.  I don't see any message from this person so I'm not sure if she is even sending it.  She supposedly sent it twice.


On 5/23/2021 2:49 PM, Gene wrote:
Are you using a pop3 or IMAP account?  If POP3, did you check the spam filter on the web site for your account?
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            Hi Group:

I haven't had this happen before so wanted to get your take on it.  I'm
not even sure if there is a problem.  Someone was sending me a volunteer
application last Friday and I never got it so I called them on Wednesday
to let them know that I never got it and they were going to send it
again.  Needless to say, I never got it when they sent it the second
time.  I have never had a problem with my email where I never got what
someone was sending.  I had someone who was sighted check my account and
she said everything looks in order.  I even went to the spam folder and
it's not in there.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  The other
thing is I thought that maybe she never sent it at all.  I am stumped.
Thanks in advance.


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