Alternative Word Processors?



Since last Fall, I have been using NVDA as my main Screen Reader.  I do
so because about this same time JAWS stopped working well in Jarte.

I have called JAWS several times since then, and they tell me they no
longer support Jarte and too bad so sad etc.

So I am asking, are any of you using an alternative Word Processor to MS

I own MS Word, but frankly, I find it to be such a Headache to use.  If
you love it, please don't write me telling me that you Love it.  I
already know that MS Word has their fans.  I happen not to be one of them.

So if any  here uses another Word Processor, and you like it, would you
share the name of it here?

I am now looking for something to replace Jarte.

Grumpy Dave

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