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I made a mistake in my last message on this subject.  You won’t find what I am discussing on the home page.  there is a link on the home page that says Screen-reader mode and if you follow it, you will find information about screen[-reader mode including how to use Jarte with JAWS.. 
When something happens such as you describe, JARTE stops working with a screen-reader, for example, it’s a good idea to check the web site.  You may find nothing relevant, I wouldn’t be surprised, or the relevant information may be posted later when the developer of the program learns about and addresses the problem, but you may find information that will save you time and trouble.  I don’t know when this information was placed on the site but had it been there around the time this problem arose, you could have continued to use JAWS.
Also, I find technical support staff to be wrong often enough that I don’t assume what they say is correct unless I have good reason to believe so.  Asking about this problem on a list like this when it first arose might have gotten you good help.  Either looking at the web site or asking might have. 
I’m going into all this to possibly save you and others unnecessary work and inconvenience in future. 

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From: Gene
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JAWS does work well in JARTE and the JARTE home page explains this.  You can use code when you start JARTE to tell it to rrun in screen-reader mode.  If you do that once, you don’t have to use the code again.  It will run in screen-reader mode when you start JARTE.  That’s the problem.  JARTE doesn’t recognize JAWS as a screen-reader and therefore doesn’t automatically go into screen-reader mode. 
Its not a question of JAWS supporting or not supporting JARTE.  It’s a question of having JARTE run in screen-reader mode when it doesn’t know a screen-reader is present.
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From: Dave
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Subject: [TechTalk] Alternative Word Processors?

Since last Fall, I have been using NVDA as my main Screen Reader.  I do
so because about this same time JAWS stopped working well in Jarte.

I have called JAWS several times since then, and they tell me they no
longer support Jarte and too bad so sad etc.

So I am asking, are any of you using an alternative Word Processor to MS

I own MS Word, but frankly, I find it to be such a Headache to use.  If
you love it, please don't write me telling me that you Love it.  I
already know that MS Word has their fans.  I happen not to be one of them.

So if any  here uses another Word Processor, and you like it, would you
share the name of it here?

I am now looking for something to replace Jarte.

Grumpy Dave

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