Re: why does my laptop hesitate before downloading a file?

Nancy Hill

We have comcast internet...and I have good download speeds...but getting to the links because of the hesitancy to get to the page with the links just stickks and in many cases will not let me get to the place where I can enter on the various links...but in some cases when I enter directly on the link without having to go to another page, the download is lightning fast.


On 5/26/2021 2:17 AM, Austin Pinto wrote:
are you on windows 10 2021h1?
are you connected to wifi?
i am also seeing the same thing.
connecting to wifi, browsing speed is good but download is 5 to 6mb
even with isp speeds of 300 up and down

On 5/26/21, Nancy Hill <> wrote:

I have win10, jaws, fire fox (just about the latest version of all).  I
also have a 1T SSD and 16 gigs RAM.

I used to enjoy downloading files and   could do so quickly...that has

I like to d/l kindle gooks to my PC.  I hit enter to go to the page
where I can enter on the link...and then it takes F.o.r.e.v.e.r to even
go to the download link...sometimes it takes a count of 15 or more to
bring up the link.  This hesitation happens no matter what kind of files
I try to download.

Please help me get my  fast linking to my d/l link back.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



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