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heather albright

Yes I backed up the whole system now. All my ports are working, both my cd and dvd drives are working. The fans are working off the machine. The only hick-up is that the front ports seem to not have that much power, to be expected, otherwise they work fine.

 I have 2 drives on the machine, one is about 10 years old and the main drive is about 8 years old, now that I think about it. I have been noticing lately my quiet drive was getting louder and taking a long time to boot up. So I ran a disk clean up which worked for a while.  The older drive sounds like it wants to be sent to the junk yard, it is extremely loud when it is running, sounds like those drives  they used back in the 90s. So when you try to do anything, you have to wait a long time for a response.

My main c drive will not back up so I had to manual grab the data off the drive and back it up. I could not just copy the user folder, it would never finish.

I clean my pc case and they have no major dust in it as I check about every 2 months or so just to see if it has any dust. I have a really good friend who actually was able to use the parts from my other machines and add them to this machine. So I took all the working parts from my old machine that were still working and continue to use them in this machine. The only thing I could not take was the memory as it was built in to the mother board. I used all my bays on this machine and we installed the USB 3.0 ports from the other machine. I can say I have never bought that brand again, think it was a gateway machine and now only have used HP machines. But the parts did come in handy. So I am thinking about just getting a new internal drive and if it does not work, I might consider getting a new pc and just using that drive as a back up internal storage drive.  I rather spend 50 to 70 instead  300 or more for a desktop. I am trying to do it without having a tec come in as I do not trust them, had really bad experiences and none tell you the truth, only want to get you to spend money.

I am not a computer person at all I try to learn as much as I need too. So maybe this machine is old, it is from 2013.I think this my 3 pc The other one was from school and I briefly got a gatewaythat lasted 2.5 years. But my other machines lasted like 10 years or more.

I try to make sure my desktop can grow or expand in case I need the up dated technology as if you look at my machine, I have usb 1, 2 and 3. I have serial and parallel port  and a monitor port and a video card reader along with a cd-burner and a dvd drive.

I wonder if the new pcs have any of those items, it has been a long time sense I had to purchase a new desktop. I think they have USB 3.0 drives or maybe a cd/dvd drive.I know the next machine, I want to make sure it has removable memory in case the memory goes out and all you have to do is by more memory and I find the internal internet cards do not work as well as an external internet card. Little things I noticed I notice my internal audio card does not work as well as a external card so I use my USB ports for my speakers now. Think that was the first thing to go out about a year ago, I think. I use a USB monitor as the monitor port always got in the way and the USB monitor was cheaper when my old monitor went out that was 10 years old. Now I think about it, I only use my USB ports and the CD and DVD drives for anything as all the connections are either USB, Bluetooth or I still use my cd drive sometimes.

I thank this list for all the excellent information, I truly appreciate all the view points. Thank you all,



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I’m not saying you should have a tech perform a diagnostic, it may cost as much or less to replace the drive.  But you don’t know if the drive is the problem. 


I don’t know how many things may cause a blue screen and I wouldn’t jump to any conclusion about what it is.  So the question is whether you want to gamble and replace the drive, or perhaps spend more money for the combined cost of a diagnostic and then proceeding to do what needs to be done which may add up to more than the cost of just replacing the drive.  But if you are wrong and the drive isn’t the problem, you are spending money for nothing and losing it that way.  So you are gambling. 


Memory contact problems may cause blue screens.  I would imagine power supply problems may cause them.  there may be many other reasons I don’t know about that those with more technical knowledge can tell you.


Also, if your computer is seven years old, you are putting money into a machine that has ;past the age where it is considered reliable.  You may fix one thing and have other problems.  If you are lucky, you won’t for years.  If you aren’t, you will have problems and you may have been better off just buying a new machine.  My impression is that many people won’t spend much money on machines of your age. 


While I’m not telling you or suggesting that you do or don’t do anything, I am saying that the subject needs more discussion and consideration on the list.  Don’t jump to conclusions about what causes problems with ssignificantly insufficient information.


Also, since we don’t know what the problem is, but in case it is a hard drive problem, is your entire system backed up?



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Well the man upstairs likes to try my patience I gather as I got the blue screen this morning off my desktop. But, I was finally able to get in to windows, I guess I just will not shut down my pc for the time being.So I am looking in to another internal c drive to replace this 1, it is about seven years old. So do the internal drives come with a bracket with the drive? I am asking as I know the newer drives maybe smaller than my old drive. The drive just slides in to my pc I think it has 2 screws that hold it in in the top bay of my desktop casing. My computer desktop already has wires to give power to the drive. Thanks Heather


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