Re: Blind Tech Guys Invites You To Be A Part Of The BTG ClubHouse Community

Marco Curralejo

Hello everyone,


Blind Tech Guys now has a club on ClubHouse and we invite you all to join our ever-growing community.


You will find the podcast here, where we discuss Android, iOS, and any other technology product or service from a blindness perspective.

The Blind Tech Guys are two blind podcasters who make it their mission to bring you this content. Blind Tech Guys is published weekly, with occasional bonus midweek episodes.

We are aware that it can be difficult to find technology resources from a blindness perspective. While there are other podcasts out there, we believe that the landscape is fragmented, and our strengths lie in providing you with tech content and commentary that is useful and easy to understand. We know you can go elsewhere for your content consumption, but we are positive that you will find what you are looking for by being a part of our community.


To join the ClubHouse BTG community, click on the following link.


I hope to see you all around on the ClubHouse streets!


Warm regards,


Marco Curralejo


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