making work laptop more accessible for my needs?

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hello all,
sorry for the long e-mail, but am really hoping some of you can help with a laptop issue I am having.
the laptop in question, is one I was provided with, a while after I got elected on to fenland district council.
whilst don't get me wrong, I appreciate them doing this, and it has proved reasonably useful for accessing reports/agenda packs whilst at meetings, I am having some major access issues with it, that are really giving me a batch of headaches!
the main 2 issues, are that in order to insure that it is, and remains compatible with current and future systems, rather than windows7, which I am used to using, it has some version of win10 on it, which has an interface that I am not at all familiar with, and that I am not finding very usable at all.
as if that wasn't enough of an issue, instead of at least letting me have NVDA on it, (as I appreciate that window-eyes, which would have been my first choice, as it is what I am most used to using, wasn't going to work), someone had the not so great idea of putting jaws on it. whilst again, it probably is the better screenreader over all, again, it is the one I am least familiar with actually using, so is not as much help as it should be.
over this last year, whilst meetings have been over zoom, these haven't been issues, as I have been able to use my good old win7 machine with window-eyes, with no issues what so ever.
now that the government in it's not so great wisdom, have stated that councils can't have remote meetings anymore, I am now looking at having to use a machine which, because of a screenreader that I am not at all familiar with, and an os/interface I am not at all familiar with, is quite frankly more of a hindrance, than a help!
because it is a council machine, I haven't got the rights of access to properly customise it, so what I need are proper instructions that I can give to the council's it team, if possible to do the following:
1, get the os interface to work like win7, so that I can actually work with it.
and 2 get jaws to work like window-eyes if possible, or nvda if not possible.
thanks for any help received, and I hope it all makes sense.

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