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John Holcomb II

What you need is a mic with a headphone output. This way you can hear VO while you're using the mic.
Can't help you with the camera I've never really used a camera on a phone other than with AIRA.

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I’m new to the list serve. My name is Cole Roberts. I have been totally blind since 2002 due to Glaucoma. I have a quick couple of camera accessible questions for the blind.
First, I want to get into podcasting and vlogging. What would be the best camera for this task if you are totally blind? I do have a GoPro 8 black. Would my I-pad pro camera be the best? My friend suggested a camcorder, but most modern camcorders on the market don’t seam accessible with their touch screens. I am looking for something basic, good, and not expensive.
Second, for my podcast, I was going to use my I-pad and I bought a kimafun wireless lapel mic to work with it. After testing it out with some sighted help, it works and is what I am looking for, but as soon as I plug my mic into the I-pad, voiceover stops working. So I tried to hit play first before plugging my mic in, but that just stopped the recording. When the mic is plugged in and voiceover is not working, how do I hit play and make sure it is working? Also about the question above, my wish would be to plug my kimafun into my GoPro, and contro every thing with my phone, but if their is a better camera that is more independently and accessible friendly, that would be great.
Thank you.
Cole Roberts

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