Re: are there items one can buy to help boost or extend our Wi-Fi internet connection better

David Mehler


The first thing i'd do is because you say your in a congested area
check the channels for anyone else's nearby WiFi equipment
particularly if your using the 2.4GHz band. Without knowing more about
your setup I can't recommend one specifically but on Android (and iOS
as well I would assume) there are several apps you can get to check
your channels and the overall state of your WiFi setup.

If you can move devices on to the 5GHz range that might help.

Like I said i'd need to know more about your setup. To answer your
original question you can try a mesh setup, see what that does.


On 6/3/21, joanne <> wrote:
We have several devices hooked up to our Wi-Fi from AT&T, and we are pretty
sure we have the absolute best package available for this area. It's a
pretty congested area with mobile homes close together and sometimes the
Internet is way slow. I bought a Linxys (probably spelling it wrong) for my
PC because it's not a laptop and needs something plugged into it. My family
has cell phones and sometimes they game, and what I haven't been able to do
lately with a lot of success is use my Victor Stream or Blindshell phone
without at least a few times a session being told error and error is always
about the connection. My littler items are having a hard time staying
connected and this hardly ever happens when I'm at other places with less
stress on the Wi-Fi or the towers or wherever the problem is. I mean I am
right here by this Linxys thing when using these items but it still acts up
more than it should. If I go closer to the actual Wi-Fi in the living room I
seem to have better luck downloading or web-surfing, etc. Do I need
something super-strong in my room, or is there some kind of booster that
might distribute Internet access better? Do you think it's my PC, since it's
an older PC but I didn't think it would affect how my connection with the
Linxys comes across.

I really would appreciate some thoughts on this one.


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