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1.  Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape, to open task manager, or, press windows key+X and arrow down to task manager.

2. Press Ctrl+Tab until you here "StrartUp tab being announced.

3.  Tab once to the list of startup items list, programs that start up when your pc boots up.

4.  arrow down to search for the program you don't wish to have started up.  if it is in the list, press the right applications or context menu key, arrow down to "Disable", then press enter.

5.  Restart your pc.

Note: this is for windows 10 users, but I think it might work on windows 7 as well, i forget.  Cheers!

On 6/6/2021 9:31 pm, Gene wrote:
As far as I know, removing a program from the apps folder has nothing to do with whether it runs at startup.  I don’t know about Windows 10 apps and others would have to comment on those but as far as I know, the shell:apps folder contains shortcuts to open all programs and has nothing to do with whether they run automatically at bootup. 
I don’t think you should remove items from the apps folder without further discussion.

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Yo Bro,
Try going to All Programs in the Start Menu, and in there find the Start-up folder and if this program is in there you can either delete it, copy  or cut it out and this'll stop it from starting at start-up.
If you have a copy of the program you can open the Run dialogue by pressing, Windows Key + R, and type the following
and press enter.  Find the program in here and remove it.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Thanks for that but I'm not seeing discord in the list.

Thank you,
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Hi. Do the following. Go to your start menu and type startup apps.
Press enter to open start up apps settings. Tab through and turn off the
apps you don't want to run at startup.

Hope this helps.

Chris Judge

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Subject: [TechTalk] stopping a program from starting up after login

Windows 10 latest and jfw 2020.
I installed discord many moons back, how do I have it stop from starting up?
I looked under the start up tab and services tab in msconfig, but discord
was no where to be found.
Then I looked in the discord application itself, and couldn't find anything,
as I am still learning my way around that application.

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