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Thanks, Mike B.
Thanks for clearing that up.  But I'm still confused; and I'll probably continue to use them both as one.


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Application vs. Program (What’s the Difference?)
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Table of Contents
Application vs. Program
In the ever-evolving world of technology, we often have to familiarize ourselves with various terms that come up every single day. And while most of the
words come with sharp differences, at times, we come across terms that are considered to mean the same thing even though they are totally different.
A perfect example is the term program and application. Some years back, the word program was used when referring to desktop operating systems such as windows.
Additionally, apps were associated with mobile OS, such as
iOS and Android.
However, when desktop applications were developed, the difference between the two become a little blurry. 
Consequently, a major concern is that most users don’t understand that there are subtle differences between programs and applications. If you are one such
user, this article expounds in detail the similarities and the differences between the two. 
Meaning of Each Term
What is an Application?
An application (app) is a program or a collection of programs that have been designed for the end-users. They help you to perform a set of coordinated
tasks, functions, or activities. From the definition, we deduce that all apps are programs, but not all programs are necessarily apps. Another crucial
thing to note about applications is that they can’t run on their own, and they depend on system software to operate. 
What is a Program?
Programs are a collection or sequence of executable instructions that aid in the automatic performance of targeted tasks on a computer. It refers to a
set of coded instructions that a computer can recognize to solve a problem or yield the desired result.
Similarities Between Applications and Programs
The main similarity between applications and programs is the fact that they are both used to perform various functions or tasks on a computer. 
Additionally, since an application is a collection of computer programs that help end-users to solve a problem, it means that these programs must coordinate
and interact for this to happen. We are simply saying that all apps need programs to perform end-users’ commands. For example, when you want to watch a
movie via VLC, the player will require
audio and video drivers to operate. 
Differences Between an Application and a Program
1. Installation
A program requires an installer that is packaged with necessary files for it to be installed on a computer. Conversely, it may also seek to download more
data from the web before it installs. On the other hand, an app is a single file that a user downloads from the internet and installs it on their device.
And unlike programs, you don’t need a separate uninstaller to uninstall apps from your computer. 
2. Target User
As mentioned earlier, an app is developed with the end-user in mind. As such, it is structured to help users complete a given function, task, or activity.
A program, on the other hand, is created to help a computer execute a specific purpose, and it can run on the background without the end-users intervention. 
3. User Interface
Since an app is designed to be utilized by real individuals, it boasts a user interface (UI). However, programs don’t necessarily need to have a UI for
them to be considered complete, For instance, viruses and malware that are used by hackers to infect your computer are programs, but they don’t have a
4. Development
Since an application can feature several programs, it is usually developed through a structured and documented process that may involve several individuals.
On the other hand, a program can be created by a single individual. However, it is vitally essential to understand that today’s apps can be developed by
one person
utilizing APIs,
 But since these essentials are also designed by someone else, it still means that several people will still be involved in the development process. 
5. Operation
While an app requires various programs to exist and operate, programs don’t need an app to execute their roles. For example, while MS Word (an application)
requires multiple drivers such as Prime number sieve and square root finder (programs) to function, the drivers don’t need MS Word to execute their roles.
Final Verdict
The differences between applications and programs have been blurred for a very long time, and most people have been using them interchangeably. However,
from what we have seen in this article, although apps and programs intersect at some point, they are not synonymous. They are a means to an end, so they
need to be treated differently. We live in a dynamic environment where everything is influenced by technology.  Nevertheless, we must learn to differentiate
terms, whether they have been in existence for decades (programs) or have emerged due to the changes in technology (applications).
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Programs or APPs:  I thought "APP" is just short for "application program".  I thought they are the same thing; Please, what is the difference?


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If you uninstall from the apps folder, and it's a program and not an app, it'll take you to Programs and Features and you remove, uninstall or delete it from the computer.  That's why I asked him if he had a copy of the program.  But, if it's only an app it'll uninstall it from the apps folder.  If it's a shortcut you don't get an uninstall option. 
Depending on what type of file it is dictates on what options you'll get when you open the context menu to see your choices for the item.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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As far as I know, removing a program from the apps folder has nothing to do with whether it runs at startup.  I don’t know about Windows 10 apps and others would have to comment on those but as far as I know, the shell:apps folder contains shortcuts to open all programs and has nothing to do with whether they run automatically at bootup. 
I don’t think you should remove items from the apps folder without further discussion.

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Yo Bro,
Try going to All Programs in the Start Menu, and in there find the Start-up folder and if this program is in there you can either delete it, copy  or cut it out and this'll stop it from starting at start-up.
If you have a copy of the program you can open the Run dialogue by pressing, Windows Key + R, and type the following
and press enter.  Find the program in here and remove it.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Thanks for that but I'm not seeing discord in the list.

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Hi. Do the following. Go to your start menu and type startup apps.
Press enter to open start up apps settings. Tab through and turn off the
apps you don't want to run at startup.

Hope this helps.

Chris Judge

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Windows 10 latest and jfw 2020.
I installed discord many moons back, how do I have it stop from starting up?
I looked under the start up tab and services tab in msconfig, but discord
was no where to be found.
Then I looked in the discord application itself, and couldn't find anything,
as I am still learning my way around that application.

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