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chris judge

I can see them doing that, but I can’t see them discontinuing the device altogether.



Chris Judge


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If this rumor is true, then maybe Humanware is planning to discontinue the VR Stream but continue to sell the more expensive and feature laden VR Trek so that they will only have to produce one model for all needs.





On 6/7/2021 10:59 AM, Laz wrote:

I know. i'm a Humanware dealer and have heard nothing but this rumor
about the Victor Reader Stream being discontinued and was wondering
about the source of this rumor. I haven't even heard this rumor from
the biggest source of Victor Reader related rumors I know of.
Stay well,
On 6/7/21, Peter Spitz <peter.a.spitz@...> wrote:
They're still for sale on Humanware's website along with the Victor
Reader Trek combination GPS/player.
On 6/7/21, Laz <laz@...> wrote:
Where did you hear the Victor Reader Stream was being discontinued?
Stay well,
On 6/7/21, DAVID GLOBE <dglobe@...> wrote:
I've used the Victor streem avidly since it came out, and now I hear
are being discontinued.  We are being forced to use our phones more and
more.  What happends to all the stuff we has saved on the streem?
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