Re: streamin and trekin


Hi Monte,

I don't have exact numbers either but I can say that for various
reasons they do sell more Streams than Treks.

Stay safe,


On 6/7/21, Monte Single <> wrote:
I have no numbers to go by, but I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that
humanware sells way more victor reader streams, than victor reader treks.

At a wild guess, they probably sell ten times as many streams.

So the trek would llikely be discontinued before the stream.

And I am totally addicted to mine.

I use it more than my iphone and more than my p c.

I know, after a few days of instruction by a very patient person, I
could learn how to read books on my phone, but I hope I die before this
happens; it's alright, I am over seventy.

And I also know there a lots of people who prefer to use a victor stream
other talking book device

Instead of their smart phone.

Here's to many more sales for the Lazman!

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