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We don't know how many people are spreading the rumor.  The best thing to do might be for the person who is the customer of the dealer to tell the dealer what was stated on the list earlier in the day.  Someone contacted the manufacturer of the Victor Stream and was told that it is not being discontinued.

I think that rather than single out one person, such as one vendor, it is far more valuable to consider the question of how the rumor is worded.  Do those who hear it have it introduced with the words I heard, or something similar?  Almost literally every time I see a statement on any of the blindness lists I'm on that begins with "I heard" or some similar  variant, the statement is either wrong or so misleading that it might as well be.

We haven't, to my recollection, seen any statement of the rumor attributing it to a reliable source such as the manufacturer.

Also, I'm not saying that a statement attributing something to a reliable source is necessarily correct.  Mhy  point is to be very suspicious of I heard or I was told, or other statements of that kind.


On 6/7/2021 2:26 PM, lynn white wrote:
Why are customers willing to hide people who pass on false information? No one gets good service from rumors, especially if it really is coming from a dealer.

On 6/7/2021 12:34 PM, Laz wrote:
Ann, As you saw my only question to the original poster was where did
you hear this rumor.

I only asked because this is the second time someone told me this but
although I have asked, neither person has divulged from whom they
heard this false rumor. Hopefully David will cough up the information.
i do have a possible source in mind someone who has a history of
starting false rumors regarding the Victor Reader devices, and seeing
David's last post adds weight to my suspicion as to the source of the
rumor... Of course you know who I'm thinking of Ann.

Stay safe,


On 6/7/21, Ann Parsons <> wrote:
Hi all,

Well, Laz, if people can believe that a vaccination will make one
sterile, then they can surely believe that the victor Reader is being
discontinued.  I'm completely serious!  My friend Martha knows a group
of nurses in VT who actually believe this rot  Wonder what would happen
if I got on Public Media and said the sky was green?

Always remember The Wizard's First Rule, according to Terry Goodkind.
(People will believe anything at all so long as they either are afraid
it might be true or want it to be true.)

Weapons against rumors are the answers to the Five W's.  Who told you
the rumor?  How reliable is that source?  What proof did your source
offer?  What he said either makes sense or doesn't.  Why would she tell
you the rumor and more importantly why would it make sense to her?
Where did your source get the rumor?  When was this started? Now we
come to the most important question of all how does this information
benefit the rumor source or the object of the rumor?  Qui bono?  Qui Bono?

Now I could go through all the above questions and quash the rumor, but
I'll let you all do that.  Please remember that the Victor Reader
Stream is one of Humanware's largest cash cows.  That's all I'm going
to say about this except to repeat Qui Bono?

Ann P.

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