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Monte Single

Thanks Thomas,


Oviously, it’s time I updated the firmware on my boes revolve;  it is 3 years old.






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The 6 o-clock button is the multi-function button.

It play, pause, and even triggle voice assist

If you double press on it, it will skip forward, three times will reverse.


It has been the same setup of portable by Bose for  a while.


The mobile app will update its firmware  and also remove or pair to multiple device for you.

Bose portable speaker can pair up to max 8 devices but only two can be use at once.


I have been using bose since the soundlink mini II and now Revolve Plus, all has been the same multi function button.


everytime you turn it on, it will report the battery status, 10% interval up to 100%.

Thomas N. Chan



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Hi Mike,


, this boes revolve is  Wider  at the bottom and tapers  in at the top.

Think of the shape like a large, probably 16 + oz paper coffee cup   upside down.

The outside is a perforated metal with no seem.  The top feels like silicone.  It sits on a base that has the charging cable plugin.

It has six buttons on  top;


---12 o clock is the off on button,

---6 o clock is the mute button.

---10 o clock is the pairing button

---2   o clock is the imput selectio  I use audio cable

---8 and 4 o clock are volume up down.


No, it does not   have bass trebble up down or balance selection;  you would have to do that from the music/siybd siyrce,


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Is this device fatter at the bottom or top?  I know my question doesn't sound logical, but there's a lot of things that are perceived one way and when you buy them they're the opposite.



Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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I have a boes revolve.
It is the size of a large water glass, slightly tapered from the bottom to
It definitely has bass.
I can make the neighbours complain without trying.
It can use Bluetooth and audio cable.
I think it costs about 250 u s dolla.

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Does anyone recommend an accessible smart speaker that is  portable and  can
be adjusted to play deep base sound?


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