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Veronica Kirk

No, I did not enable notifications from Send Space.  Yes, I am a free user of Send Space, and I probably used the download button.  I did do the download from Edge on windows 10 and saw the save as, but did not know what that would do.  Thanks for telling me about the chrome based browsers as I have seen that on other apps.


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There are two questions and they are both important. One is why you are getting such notifications in the first place.  Did you enable notifications from Send Space?  I never enable notifications when asked by a site unless I know just what I will get.  the other thing to consider is how to download safely from Send Space.


If you are a free user, don’t activate the download button.  As a free user, you will see advertising and Send Space has hacked advertising at times that tries to download malware onto machines.  the advertisements are not directly from the Send Space site.  it is third party advertising that is hacked. 


Instead of activating the button, when you are on it, open the context menu and use what your browser provides for downloading a file that way.  Internet Explorer calls it “Save Target As,” I believe both Firefox and Chrome-based browsers call it “Save Link as,” as nonsensical as that description is.  You are saving a file, not a link.


This works because the button isn’t a button.  it is coded on the Send Space site to look like a button but its really a link.


I’m not assuming or saying that you got malware.  It may be a notification.  You may want to find out how to turn off notifications in your browser if you don’t use them and that may solve the problem.




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Vewronica, unfortunately, I would be concerned about a hack
there. My husband and my cousin both had something like
that. My husband had to spend money to get his computer
repaired, and my cousin had to replace hers. The reason for
that is that both tried to act on the computer notification.
My husband tried to block what they said would cost him $79,
and fix it himself. My cousin paid, and then they really
messed up her computer. I just delete any notification like
that without opening.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Notice from Microsoft Edge

I am listening to SiriusXM on my windows 10 computer and
while listening there is a notification that comes up from
Edge that says computer is at risk.  Click here to turn on
McAfee and then it gives the send space web address.  About
a week ago I did download something from send space.  How do
I get rid of this notification?  Please help.



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