Re: Recommendations for a new laptop

Monte Single

Hi Cathy,


Laptops are changing;  these days, most laptops come without an optical drive  and a numeric keypad.

These things can be purchased separately quite cheaply.

Most people who use a screen reader, prefer a numberic keypad as part of the laptop.

That’s your choice,  but it will  affect your choices.

Some laptops are heavier than others; wil you be moving it around a lot”

IK’ll leave other specs to other users.




P s;  if you can afford  something that is  at least 1 step up from the cheapest,  you’ll probably do alright.


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Good afternoon to all


I need to purchase a new laptop, I need help with how much memory and everything I need for my laptop I use the latest jaws  and I use office products I’d like to do the Internet as well I’m not good at this part when it comes to purchasing a laptop and everything I should have in it




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