Re: using Thunderbird


Hello Madison, there is a list for help with thunder bird

On 2021-06-15 2:53 p.m., Madison Martin wrote:
Hi all,
So I decided to download Thunderbird since it's free and it seems to be popular
among screen reader users and also for when I eventually move out in case I
can't afford an Office 365 subscription. I was able to access my gmail account,
but I haven't done anything else yet. So for those of you who use it with Jaws,
what do I need to know about using Thunderbird with Jaws? Is there a list of
keystrokes? I'm used to using Outlook, what are the differences and
similarities between Outlook and Thunderbird? Are there any mailing lists for
Thunderbird users? I'm not sure I want to give up Outlook, but I'd still like to
know how to use Thunderbird. Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10. Any
help/info/suggestions/tips anyone can provide are very much appreciated!!!!!!!

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