the results of my betternet test


Hi guys, I just recently tested betternet for windows in a virtual machine of windows xp, here are my results. The installer was quite simple, it didn't push adware on me at all, it was just a standard installer. I checked my home page in internet explorer, and it did not change it to anything. I looked through the control panel, and did not find any adware like search protect or YouTube accelerator installed anywhere. The installer was OK, but for some reason when I loaded it it wanted me to participate in some sort of survey, but I couldn't gather anything. And with NVDA, it was totally inaccessible, not even object navigation helped me out with the program and figuring it out. So as of now, I'm currently not sure about the program, it doesn't seem to bundle any type of adware, but accessibility was a total failure. Perhaps someone could test it out with other screen readers and report how accessible it was. Hope this helps you all.
PS my VM's are now connecting to the internet, I believe there was a problem with the VMware NAT service that was solved by reinstalling it. I set my connection to NAT, and it's now working.