win 10 and I-phone


Yes correct unless you are using Linux and then the iPhone shows up as a mass storage drive I think it is.

Also if you bought it from anywhere beside Apple then if you can copy your amazon music to your computer from the amazon site then you can use any cloud storage or Voice dream to play and view your files. They just will not be as organize as thru iTunes.



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There are some programs which can do this, but none of the ones I have seen are accessible.  Also, most of them require that you install iTunes at least once so that necessary drivers are installed on your system.  As for using Explorer, definitely not.  This is one of the disadvantages of iOS versus Android.

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Subject: [TechTalk] win 10 and i-phone


is there a program or win 10 app that will allow access to files on my i-phone from win 10 other then i-tunes, specificly the music i downloaded to my i-phone using the amazon music app on my phone?

or is there a way to get file explorer to show the files and folders on my i-phone?






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