placing items in amazon shopping cart

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

A friend of mine told me that if I add an item to my amazon shopping cart that I may want to buy in the future that it makes it easy to go back and see if the price on the item has dropped. If the price does drop though will the new price be shown if the item is on my saved list or does it have to be in the actual cart before the new price will show?



Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Troy, if you save an item for a later purchase, the most current price for
the item saved will be displayed. The only caveat is, for how long will a
saved item be retained? Some carts may keep it for 30 days and then discard
it, others perhaps for a few hours. What's important is to be fully
apprised of's policy on the subject matter. Hopefully, it does
have more than enough to read on its website.

Denver, Colorado

William Vandervest

In addition, if you place an item in your amazon wish list, the current
price at the time you look at the wish list will be displayed.
Hope this helps