Playing NFL Madden Football?



As usual, I read an article, and think I'll never be interested in that,
and move on.  Then a month later, or more, I am suddenly interested.

A month ago, maybe more, I had come across a mention of Blind people
that were now able to play the ultra Common Madden Football game.

At the time, I didn't read the article, but today I want to know more
about this.

Basically, is anyone on the List playing madden Football?  And if so,
can it be played with a Screen Reader, or is some Sight required?

I would like to know if this game can be played without a great deal of
Crazy Hoops to jump through in order to play it.

I like the aspect of being able to play some other player, in another
State, or even Country.  So, am now wanting to know if this game is
Accessible to any of us mere Mortals, or is it still only for those with
Extraordinary abilities to navigate Mine fields of crazy short cuts, and
loads of memorization.

Thanks for any reply,

Grumpy Dave

Josh Kennedy

Yes you can play madden nfl. First, purchase an xbox for around $200 or so or a gaming computer for around $700 or $800 to make sure you have a really good graphics card. Then buy madden nfl for around $60 or so. It downloads and installs. Then use a command that I do not remember to turn on madden nfl's accessibility features. Then you have to learn the xbox controls for the game. Also the place where you call the plays is currently not accessible. for more information go to