show my pc

Donald L. Roberts

I just had my HP desktop serviced and Windows 10 anniversary installed and the C drive reformatted.  Now things are quite unfamiliar, not the least of which is something called Show my PC.  When I click to open it, it calls the UAC prompt; but after answering yes, the screen reader sees nothing.

I am therefore writing to inquire whether Show my PC is a part of Windows 10 anniversary, or is it something added by the tech who serviced this thing.

A related issue is that the only way I can bring up Internet Explorer is to type it in the search box.  I have gone through the routine of typing "default browser" and specifying I E rather than Edge, but Edge shows and I E does not.  So what am I missing?


Don Roberts

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Donald, ShowMyPc is a remote access app. For example, if I were to get into
your computer from my hideout, I will be able to use ShowMyPc to do so.
However, before I can proceed, the ShowMyPc client MUST BE installed on your
computer. I then generate a number or a sequence of numbers that I give you
to type in an edit box on the ShowMyPc site. Once you type this in and
press <enter> or >send> (sorry I forget which one since I haven't bothered
with ShowMyPc in a thousand ages), I can then take full control of your Pc
and make whatever changes are needed.

ShowMyPc is NOT particularly accessible to a screen reader, at least that's
how it was the last time I had to tinker with it.

You should be able to uninstall it; otherwise, if you plan to stay in touch
with the technician that had installed it, it can be left alone and it
shouldn't pose any harm or threat.

Now, how did I learn about ShowMyPc? At work, I have a Windows-based POINT
OF SALE (POS) app that is NOT very user-friendly. I had to get together
with its developers by phone and, I was pointing out to the support
technician what their software engineers could do differently to make the
app more accessible. Sufficing to say, the developers of the said app WERE
NOT particularly interested in addressing issues of screen reader
accessibility to their app. And now, I'm in the market for an Android-based
POS system. I've read about several POS apps running on the iOS platform,
but I am an Androidean, that's where I want to stay. I'm holding
conversations with the developers of Loyverse POS with a view to helping
them label the buttons in their app for easy accessibility using Talkback;
I'm also taking a close look at Clover Networks POS system, and, yes,
SquareR POS and Paypal HereR POS are also being closely examined. With my
preferred Windows screen reader on the CHOPPING BLOCK, and the prohibitive
cost of scripting, the Android platform if all things cinch together should
save me more pennies for a trip to the Grand Canyon!

Denver, Colorado