FW: Amazon Prime Video is now offering audio description


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This should be of interest to android or iOS users who like Amazon prime video. I assume this will be accessible on any platform that has Amazon prime available.
Get out those fire TVs or fire TV sticks and check it out, you don't have to be using an android or an iPhone.

Amazon Prime Video is now offering audio description

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Hello everyone,
I wanted to let everyone know that amazon prime video is now offering audio description. I saw this come across on my twitter feed from ACB National. Here is a link to the ACB's announcement:

I have tried it on one of the series mentioned in the list and it does work. It looks like it works similar to NetFlix. Once you get a show started, you need to find the autdio options and check english with audio description. Everyone who has access to prime video go and have a look.

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Robert Kingett <kingettr@...>

It is for more than Prime. Below is the category link.


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