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1) Hopefully, we'll get some exciting news timed to coincide with the US Blindness Conventions, but in the meanwhile, two very popular smartphone apps for reading and writing are on significant sale until July 4th 2017. Both Voice Dream Reader and Voice Dream Writer are well-regarded, and now is a good time to buy, for iOS or Android:


2) Capti Voice Narrator is an iOS app for reading a variety of formats in a variety of languages. The free version will satisfy many, and there is a paid version with additional features:


3) This week's short post to the NVDA In Process Blog keeps us up to date on upcoming program features:


4) This 16-minute Cool Blind Tech Podcast discusses the cool new image description feature in Microsoft Narrator:


5) Mystic Access is holding four teleclasses on coaching and on Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo, and they also offer a coupon for purchases made until mid-July 2017:


6) Haven't tried this, but Project Common Voice is building an open-source voice recognition system, and they want a minute of your voice:


7) Hear the current status of the Canute, the 360-cell Braille eReader, in this 7-minute podcast:


8) This post from Adobe Accessibility is called "Reading Accessible PDFs on iOS and Android:"


9) This entertaining AppleVis blog post is called "Down to Earth: My First Hundred Days with AirPods:"


10) SmartHouse reports that "Google Home Rated 6x More Accurate Than Alexa:"


11A) AT Guys has found and is selling a simple digital voice recorder, the Talking MicroSpeak Digital Voice Recorder:


11B) You can hear a demonstration of this gadget in Blind Bargains Qast #106:


12) "Easy Steps for Including Disabled People in Your Workforce" is a useful blog post from the Paciello Group:


13) And we do have our first convention announcement: The HIMS BrailleSense Polaris, a modern and effective Android-based Braille tablet, is shipping and can be seen and purchased at the conventions:


14) Philips televisions and video players now offer enhanced accessibility for the visually impaired:


15) The topic for the interview in Eyes on Success Episode #1727 is Braille Labeling and Learning Products:


16) And we head into the Dominion Day and Fourth of July weekends with some comic relief from Dancing Dots: A blind driver's dream of his first solo ride in his self-driving "Google Car": The Glorious Dream, Ballad of the Google Car:





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