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Corperations and big government is all corruption. It is time for small businesses all down the street, I hate corperations. I try to get my wife to stop shopping at Walmart, but we need the cheap stuff. It is time for the church and neighbors, and all who can help the needy, to put their faith into action, and do just that. It is not up to the government to help people, it is the job of those who have money to burn. Do you know that Bill Gates has more money than it costs many countries to operate? He, by himself, could cause an entire country to take care of everyone. These atheletes, like LaBron James of the Cleveland Cavs, could save hundreds of children from starving if he wanted to. I think it is total hypocrisy when the celebraties and the rich march in causes, but they live in a million dollar home. I would tell them that right to their face. It is time people quit talking, and give all they have to the needy. All you need is a hundred grand a year to live well. You do not need 5 million dollars a year to live well. All of that money they have could be given  to run an entire country! Washington is lies, and don’t care about you. And you are so right about corperations.

David Moore

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I didn't want to enter a horse in this race, but as I read through these, I keep having to bite my tongue, so will give it a rest and say, what about Washington, full of lies, yet pretty much business as usual.


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Corporations generally don't do anything for the good of the public in a fundamental sense unless it is mandated by government.  In the US in this era since the 80s of massive deregulation and consolidation, one cannot help but be more and more finical. Witness the massive financial collapse of the 2007-2008 period.  All of the major companies got bailed out; none of their top executives went to jail and few got fined.  This after the biggest poncy scheme in human history:the useless sub prime derivatives.




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>> it cynical.  Do large corporation lie to consumers and the general public?

>> Yes I'm sure that they do, but if they were lying all of the time,

>> they probably wouldn't survive very long.

> I don't know about that. I think they lie more by omission than commission. Not telling the whole story. Corporations are about themselves and the bottom line, not anything else. Maximize profit at all costs, so to speak.




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